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  • Can I visit istanbul during a transit layover?
    If you have about 6 hours and more between your transit flights you may have a layover tour in istanbul.
  • Do I need a visa or a layover in istanbul?
    Yes you need transit visa to visit istanbul that you can get it online very easily or at the airport.
  • How long time from airport to city ?
    It takes 45-50 minutes from airport to city
  • What happens if we get any delay ?
    We wait for your flight and we follow flight monitor for any change.
  • Is istanbul safe to visit istanbul for layover?
    Yes it is safe to visit istanbul. Especially main streets are secured by officers, cameras etc. Also during your layover, we will be with you. So you will be totally safe with us.
  • Is program flexible ?
    Yes our tours are flexible as you wish.
  • Can you leave istanbul airport during layover ?
    Yes you can leave istanbul airport during a transit flight and visit city easily with a transit visa or pass.
  • is 1 hour or 2 hour layover enough time in istanbul ?
    As the airport is out of the city with a duration about 45 minutes one way, you will need at least 5-6 hours to have a layover sightseeing in the city. Shorter periods are not enough and have risk to miss flight.
  • What to do in istanbul during layover, things to do ?
    During a layover sightseeing in istanbul you may see Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace museum, Hippodrome, Cistern, Byzantium walls, Galata tower and more. Also you may have a bosphorus cruise, Turkish coffee, Turkish ice cream, Kebhaps, Baklava, Turkish delight lokum.... . . Can I leave istanbul airport during layover is istanbul airport safe for layover can i exit istanbul airport during layover
  • What are the layover hotels near istanbul airport ?
    You may check our packages for istanbul airport layover hotel and airport transfers for the hotels, Hampton, Radisson, Axu, Express Plus, Isport, Hidden hills, Menalo premium, Mana,  Heaven inn, Loft Park, Skymoon, The private, Continental, Meshk, Heaven Premium, Atar, Intercity, Operla, Melanj, Shelton, Lenora, Acar, Acar plus, Isport Garden, Frt, Cnr, Skylon, Lily, Fly snd stay, Sanat, the Great, Med Life, Dem, Luxury, Gloria, Royal, Grand hamit, Homey, City Airport, Express, Royal Mass, Inalens, Lavender, Elite Port, Acar Smart, The Pearl, Loft, Loft Plus, Med, Ottoman, World Class, Trademark, Ibis, Ramada hotel
  • What are the hotels near istanbul airport ?
    You may check our packages for istanbul airport layover hotel and airport transfers for the hotels.
  1. Hampton Arnavutkoy hotel
  2. Radisson istanbul airport hotel
  3. Axu hotel
  4. Express Plus hotel
  5. Isport hotel
  6. Hidden hills hotel
  7. Menalo premium hotel
  8. Mana hotel
  9. Heaven inn hotel
  10. Loft Park hotel
  11. Skymoon hotel
  12. The private hotel
  13. Continental hotel
  14. Meshk hotel
  15. Heaven Premium hotel
  16. Atar hotel
  17. Intercity hotel
  18. Operla hotel
  19. Melanj hotel
  20. Shelton hotel
  21. Lenora hotel
  22. Acar hotel
  23. Acar plus hotel
  24. Isport Garden hotel
  25. Frt hotel
  26. Cnr hotel
  27. Skylon hotel
  28. Lily hotel
  29. Fly snd stay hotel
  30. Sanat hotel
  31. The Great hotel
  32. Med Life hotel
  33. Dem hotel
  34. Luxury hotel
  35. Gloria hotel
  36. Royal hotel
  37. Grand hamit hotel
  38. Homey hotel
  39. City Airport hotel
  40. Express hotel
  41. Royal Mass hotel
  42. Inalens hotel
  43. Lavender hotel
  44. Elite Port hotel
  45. Acar Smart hotel
  46. The Pearl hotel
  47. Loft hotel
  48. Loft Plus hotel
  49. Med hotel
  50. Ottoman hotel
  51. World Class hotel
  52. Trademark Hampton hotel
  53. Ibis hotel
  54. Ramada hotel
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